yesterday, We bought the new Google Chromecast, Although it has not yet been announced. Weirdly, it didn’t come with Google Stadia – of the 12 streaming services that were prominently pictured at the front of the box, Google’s cloud gaming service It was not one of them. We didn’t find it pre-installed on the device either.

But we can confirm that Stadia is definitely working on the new ‘Google TV’. when the edgeChris Welch of Chris Welch uploaded the Stadia Android app to his new Chromecast device, and it launched our existing cloud games in a cool way. This indicates that Google shouldn’t have much trouble introducing official support for the Chromecast, assuming it doesn’t really do so Update Google devices tomorrow.

Assuming the $ 50 price we paid for new Chromecast suspensions, that means you’ll likely soon be able to stream Stadia to your TV for $ 20 less than previously. Originally, Google Stadia put the TV at $ 69.99 for the Chromecast Ultra. Admittedly, the new Chromecast doesn’t come with an Ethernet adapter in the box like the Ultra, although we do confirm that at least one third-party USB-C adapter works.

If you are looking to try it out for yourself, know that downloading apps on Android TV requires a bit; In addition to clicking the typical “Unknown Sources” switch on the settings page, you’ll need to Find and trust the APK file With your device, discover a way to transfer the file to the dongle. There are apps that will do that Wirelessly or Across the cloudOr, you can go old ADB Road. You may also need to locate this flag in the Stadia app:

Until then, we can’t say yet Bezel The experiment will succeed. With the best scenario for the Wi-Fi router next to the TV, it feels very responsive, and it has automatically put our TV in low latency mode. But it looks like we can’t buy games from the app yet – trying to do so crashes Stadia – and the app was very slow when loading a larger library of games. We’re also testing with the Xbox console instead of the official Stadia console.

But Such as Android Police pointing toIn fact, it appears that Google is rapidly improving the Stadia app’s quiet compatibility with Android TV devices, so we’d be surprised if the company didn’t officially release Android TV for Stadia before long.

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