Kamel Majscherczak and Jan Zielinski failed to finish the first round of their doubles match at the Wimbledon Grand Prix 2022 on Thursday, and will resume their match with Serbian duo Laslo Djeri and Duzan Lagovic on Friday.

Rafai Smolensky

Kamel Mashrazuk

Press materials / Andrzej Szkocki / Pekao Szczecin Open / Pictured: Kamil Majchrzak

Two white and red duos entered the men’s doubles competition. ukasz Kubot and Szymon Walków won their first match on Wednesday. Kamel Majscherzak and Jan Zelensky joined the event on Thursday.

But the Poles did not finish the first round match. Due to the rain, they had to leave the stadium and although the weather improved in the late hours, they did not return on Thursday. The match was stopped at 7:5, 2:0 for the pair Laslo Djere and Dozan Lagovic.

Organizers decided to return Poles and Serbs to the Eighth Court on Friday. Their meeting will be held as the second meeting from 12:00 our afternoon. The gentlemen will resume the match as soon as possible after 13:30, after the second round of the women’s doubles finishes.

ChampionshipsWimbledon (UK)
Grand Slam grass field total prize money 40.3 million pounds
Thursday 30 June

Men’s Doubles Round 1:

Laszlo Djeri (Serbia) / Dusan Lagović (Serbia) – Kamil Majscherczak (Poland) / Jan Zielinski (Poland) 7:5, 2:0 *to be completed

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