Today, the powerful asteroid will fly a safe distance from Earth, according to NASA reports. The “interplanetary intruder” – as the agency calls the asteroid – will approach our planet at its nearest point, about 1.25 million miles (about 2 million km). “This will be a valuable scientific opportunity for astronomers,” NASA admits.

Scientists from the US government agency estimate that the width of the asteroid may be as high as 700 meters. Referred to by NASA as 2001 F032, it is found approx. 2 million kilometers from Earth. For the average person, this distance is impossible to imagine, but – as NASA has argued – astronomers have been rubbing their hands to look at it up close.

The asteroid is moving much faster than most objects of this type. It reached a staggering 77,000 per hour. Miles – translated into kilometers, gives an approximate value. 123,920 km / h.

“There is no chance of a collision with our planet.”

– Reassured earlier in the NASA announcement. The agency said it knows exactly the 2001 F032 orbital path around the sun. The asteroid was discovered 20 years ago, and since then specialists have been closely monitoring its path.

The closest point to Earth 2001 F032 reached after a few minutes. 12 Eastern Time (EST) – In Poland after 5.00 pm

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