During The first presentation of the third generation of iPhone SE Apple boasted that the new smartphone harnesses the power of the A15 Bionic chip in computational photography. However, it turns out that a fraction of its potential is used at most.

The new iPhone SE doesn’t even have a night mode!

Night mode was first used on the 2019 iPhone 11 and then made its way to all subsequent generations. A special algorithm responsible for combining several frames with different exposure values ​​in order to create a brighter and more detailed image. You can see examples of night photos from iPhone 11 Pro here.

I was surprised that Apple did not mention this feature during the presentation of the iPhone SE, because it has a portrait mode. Manufacturer’s website However, it leaves no doubt that there is simply no night mode.

It’s worth noting that the hardware side of the iPhone SE has everything to take better photos at night and a hairspray; – & hairsp; Including optical stabilization and a chip equipped with a powerful image processor. The absence of this function does not reduce production costs at all. Simply Apple Creates a gap artificially iPhone SE separated from more expensive models. As if the bay is very small.

It’s absolute

The iPhone SE may be the cheapest iPhone, but it’s not a cheap smartphone. PLN 2299-3049 (depending on the memory version) is still a lot for a phone.

The competition has long since stopped making night mode a premium feature. ba – Google added night mode to Android Go in 2020so you can use it even with smartphones for less than PLN 500.

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Meanwhile, Apple makes a piece of obsolete code a rarity for its wealthier customers. Bad.

Does the iPhone SE not have enough hardware flaws to castrate its software yet?

The most expensive flagship iPhones include, among other things,:

  • cameras with larger and mounted arrays;
  • Additional cameras with ultra-wide-angle lenses;
  • additional cameras with telephoto lenses;
  • LiDAR sensors for 3D environment mapping;
  • front cameras with 4K recording mode;
  • Expensive TrueDepth sensors for face scanning and environment mapping;
  • OLED screens with smaller frames;
  • More RAM
  • higher level of water resistance;
  • Bigger batteries
  • More modern design.

Apple decided that this was not enough and decided to release the software so that the iPhone SE sometimes does not take very beautiful photos. And why the A15 Bionic chip in this phone if it can’t even spread its wings?

I am able to understand that Apple wants to keep movie modeBecause it is a new and pioneering job. But would you do the same with the night mode? In 2022? seriously?

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