a series The last of us Based on the popular game studio Obedient dog He has a complete surprise for fans of the series who are eagerly awaiting the first trailer. Producers are extremely cautious about it, as evidenced by residual information hitting the media. However, we already know something about the plot and the cast. In a short interview with IGN Service Screenwriter Neil Druckman revealed this The dialogues from the game will be transferred to the screen almost unchanged, along with many storylines known from the original.

Some elements remain very close to the original. It’s funny to see my game dialogs in HBO scenarios. However, sometimes, there are elements that change drastically to achieve a much better effect, because we are dealing with a different medium.

At first that was said The last of us It is only meant to be an adaptation. However, in the end, it turned out, the creators decided not to deviate too much from the original and make sure that many elements of the plot from the first part of the game reached the screens. At the same time The production is supposed to focus primarily on the philosophical foundations of the story.

Joel and Ellie are played by well-known HBO actors game of ThronesNicknamed Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. However, it remains unknown how many episodes the first season will consist of The last of us. Craig Mazen and Neil Druckman announced this some time ago on the series Scenes that are part of both games will appearWhich means for many fans a second season will be created.