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Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch from Nintendo just now and although it may be based on the company’s classic hardware, this new release contains a number of hidden secrets.

For your convenience, we have collected them all in one post (Thanks NintendoTake a look below:

Finish Super Mario Bros. And you will unlock the hard mode, with different enemies appearing.

In the original game, hard mode was only available until you turn off the Nintendo Entertainment System!

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Open Infinite Mario mode in Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels by pressing the A button in the title screen.

Voilà, no more game!

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Press and hold button A for more than 5 seconds on the Ball Game title screen to play Luigi!

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Finally, find 35 special events in the digital watch, including:
7:00 AM / PM – Monty Mole emerges from Earth and spins around.

1:11 AM / PM – 3 Funny Bugs pop up and swim up to the screen.

5:55 AM / PM – Blocks showing time shift on coins.

And if you hold down the A button for five seconds, you will be able to watch and listen to Mario Drawing Song.

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If you are interested in learning more about Nintendo’s new Game & Watch, be sure to check out the A complete hardware review. Have you seen any of these secrets in person yet? Tell us in the comments below.