Manchester United wants to cut off cooperation with its Russian partner.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing an immediate reaction from the rest of the world – as well as in the sporting community. Manchester United officials plan to cut off cooperation with one of their most important sponsors – Russian airline Aeroflot.

According to reports in the English media, the club believes that further cooperation is “inappropriate” and “inappropriate” in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is worth noting that so far the “Red Devils” have traveled around the world with airlines from Russia, but in the last Champions League match against Atletico Madrid, Manchester players used a different carrier.

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The Daily Start reported that the collaboration agreement is valid until June 2023, and started in 2013. It was worth £100m.

There are indications that Russian airline Aeroflot will be barred from landing in Great Britain at all. This is supposed to be one of the sanctions imposed on Russia because of the hostilities.

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