Paramount Network, which broadcasts movies and series from the Paramount Studios catalog, has been disabled in several European countries. This action is intended to focus viewers’ attention on the Paramount+ streaming platform. Will the corresponding station of this station that broadcasts in Poland also disappear? Where do you watch it?

Paramount Network broadcasts high-end movies and series. Where is no longer? Will it disappear in Poland too?

Streaming beats tv. This trend is already visible globally, and the actions that anxiety is taking are a good example of it happening Viacom CBS. At the beginning of 2021, the launch of the broadcast platform was announced Paramount +Which from the very beginning collected the mass of original content of this product, which has so far appeared only in traditional channels. Now, as a result of its development, Subsequent stations finish transmitting.

Content from disabled channels is transmitted to the Paramount+ platform. But in Poland, that wouldn’t be the case

In Denmark, Finland and Sweden, the Paramount network was closed at the end of the previous year and the beginning of this year. There were films and series from the Paramount portfolio, which were automatically moved to the catalog of said site. It is also known that the same channel will soon be discontinued as well Great BritainWhere upon entry, Paramount+ will be replaced by another position.

What about the situation in Poland? ViacomCBS concern has a total of 15 channels, including the equivalent of what was discussed: Paramount Channel. So far, there are no indications that this situation will eventually disappear from our country. However, given the owners’ next moves, it seems like a potential possibility. It is certain, however, that the service Paramount + will not go to Poland. A service will be provided instead SkyShowcase, which is scheduled to be launched in our region in 2022.

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Paramount Channel can be shown on a variety of satellite and cable networks, including CANAL + . platform if Polsat صندوق Fund.

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