This is another spacecraft test of Elona Musca |Which ended with a blast. However, in contrast to experiments with the SN8 and SN9 prototypes, the SN10 was able to land before it turned into a pile of useless pieces.

The last explosion was so powerful that it shook the ground in and around Boca Chica, Texas. As noted by meteorologist Matt Lanza from Houston, who reported this fact on Twitter. The man posted a short video that he believes indicates changing weather conditions near the test site SpaceX. The effects of the explosion will be illustrated by a yellow and green spot in the lower left corner of the recording.

The SN8 explosion in December 2020 and the SN9 explosion in February 2021 caught the attention of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), which was concerned about the safety of people near the launch pad. The foundation decided to conduct its own investigation into the matter, and Elon Musk needed additional approval for the SN10 test.

In the end, the agency concluded that SpaceX had introduced all required security measures and vigilance during testing, thus giving the green light to launch SN10.

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