Eight other people who tested positive for coronavirus have died in NI, according to Department of Health.

The most recent figures show that all deaths occurred in the last 24 hours of the reporting period.

Fetch the total number of Covid-19 The daily dashboard recorded the deaths to 760 as of 10 am Friday.

Among those who died grieving, 474 were over 80 years old, 250 were in the 60 to 79 age group, 32 were between 40 and 59 years old, two were 20-39 years old and one was under 19. Age unknown for one person is listed in the numbers.

Belfast suffered the highest number of deaths, at 202, followed by Armagh, Craigapon, Banebridge (81), and Antrim and Newtonabe (76) since the start of the Department of Epidemiological Health records.

Most of the overall deaths, 752, occurred in hospitals (526), ​​while 197 people were lost in residential or care homes. Societal deaths account for 22 and 15 are not recorded.

A total of 41,969 people have tested positive for the virus since the start of the epidemic – 4,160 of them were diagnosed in the past week and 595 in the last 24 hours.

The numbers also show that more than a quarter of the positive cases have been in Belfast (10,217) since the test began. Belfast also recorded the most positive cases in the past seven days at 767, and its age group 20 to 39 years old still accounts for the largest portion at 288.

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In general, more than 20 to 39 years old have tested positive for the virus and found to be infected with the virus more than any other age group – 160,515 tested negative and 15,537 positive.

Daily change in the number of individuals with a positive test:

The tests were most positive in Belfast between midnight on November 4 and midnight on November 5, with 97 cases recorded. Derry City and Straban followed at 69 and Meade Ulster (67). Farmanagh and Uma had the fewest new cases (24). All these numbers increased from the previous day.

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The number of inpatients being treated in our hospitals for Coronavirus is now 407 in 20 hospitals, down from 407 yesterday. The Belfast Trust handles 92 of them, 91 of them are under the Southern Trust, 84 Northern Trust, 74 Western Trust and 66 South Eastern Trust.

Of the 407 patients, 49 were in the ICU – 39 of them underwent ventilation.

The dashboard also shows that the ICU at Antrim Hospitals and Causeway Hospitals has no room for any other patients, while the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit is also full.

Meanwhile, three hospitals across New Jersey are operating beyond their capacity. They include Antrim, Royal Victoria, and Ulster. Causeway, Craigapon, was overloaded on Thursday but did not return according to Friday’s update.

Total outbreaks of the coronavirus in residential and care homes across NI have reached 380 since the pandemic began. 250 of these have been closed. Currently, there are 126 confirmed Covid outbreaks and four suspected cases. These numbers have not changed since Thursday.

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