On Wednesday, the second round of the red group of the doubles championship for the ATP Finals 2021 will be held. The veterans Colombian Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah achieved their first victory in Turin.

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Juan Sebastian Cabal

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A couple who lost their matches on Monday faced off against Wednesday’s opener at Bala Albitur. Finishing fifth, Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah beat seventh seed Jimmy Murray and Bruno Soares 6:2, 6:4.

The Colombians got off to a great start in the match. Already in the opening match, Murray was under pressure, which was broken. After that, Cabal and Farah had few chances to increase the score. In the end they managed to break the seventh inning with a pass from Soares, then finished the set a second time.

In the second installment, the game image has not changed. The Colombians were better at retreats and were better at exchanges. Already in the first match they broke Soares’ pass to zero. Then they raised it to 5:2 and only then did the British-Brazilian duo show off their skills. Cabal’s hand shook and the opponents made up for losing one break. However, there was no doubt about returning to the match, because Farah, with the help of his compatriot, won the tenth match.

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Cabal and Farah beat the very ill-fitting Murray and Soares, thanks to which they improved the negative balance of the games to 4-8. The Colombians raised their ratings in the battle for the ATP Finals 2021 semi-finals, while the British and Brazilians had dummy chances.

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If Pierre Higgs Herbert and Nicholas Mahut defeat Rajiv Ram and Joe Salisbury in the evening, they will secure their first place in the group. He will then face Cabal, Farah Ram and Salisbury in the second-place play-off on Friday, with Murray and Suarez eliminated.

ATP FinalsTurin (Italy)
Tour Finals, Indoor Hard Court, $7,250 Million Prize Pool
Wednesday 17 November

double game:

red group

Juan Sebastian Cabal (Colombia, 5) / Robert Farah (Colombia, 5) B Jimmy Murray (UK, 7) / Bruno Soares (Brazil, 7) 6-2, 6-4

ATP Finals 2021 results and tables

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