“Have you been notified of the next vaccination date, but only available from the app? Be careful! It could be a message from the criminals!” – CERT Polska warns.

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Scammers are trying to steal your banking and social networking login details

The organization reported the fraud on social media CERT Polska. “Our team has witnessed a new campaign targeting users of the system’s phones AndroidAlien family malware infection target. scammers They send SMS, the sender of which is M0BYWATEL ”- we read in the message. Recipients at first glance may not notice a slight difference between the capital letter“ O ”and the number“ 0 ”.

W short message There is a link to a fake Play Store website from which you can download the alleged mObywat app. After installation, the malicious application gets the ability to steal login data, m.in a. to banking websites, social networking sites or cryptocurrency-related websites” – warns CERT Polska. CERT Polska staff urges citizens to report suspicious messages on the website: incydent.cert.pl Or call: 799448084.

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Beware of SMS from scammers! They steal data by sending malware

This is not the only situation like this recently – Earlier in Gazeta.pl we wrote about the SMS received by the residents of Silesia. “Beware of a new way for scammers! SMS contains a link. It encourages you to download the app to your device. If you download it, malware will be installed on your phone that can steal your login credentials. bank“- In mid-August he warned policemen from Mysovice. The uniform also published a sample of SMS sent by scammers.” ak3 voicemail: You have one new voicemail. Go to http://core-rpg.com/v.php?6zh3lgdhd” – to read the message.

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