During the publisher’s roundtable of the ongoing Japanese fighting game, we got information about a brand new character who will be joining the list of characters in the latest installment of the Tekken series. He will be the fictional Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland!

Tekken 7 It is one of those games that, despite its more than three years since its inception, is still getting another expansion and interesting additional content. Just After all, Season 4 started a few months agoWhich brought the fans a lot of new challenges, many exciting achievements and a new personality. Furthermore, In January, the game migrated to Xbox Game PassSo everyone can check it for themselves.

And he definitely deserves to do so, especially now, because another character has just been announced to reach the universe … who will be quite an unusual character, but without a doubt especially important to Polish fans. We’ll have a chance to fight as a fictional Prime Minister of Poland! The event was announced during the Japanese Fighting Game Publishers’ roundtable.

As Katsuhiro Harada himself revealed, the idea was that in the history of Poland, there were many women who held prime ministerial posts. For this reason, they wanted to add one of these actors to the game itself. This is clearly not the same as any of them (And even less so at the current premiere), but thanks to cooperation with the Polish embassy, ​​everything was reported to be fine. Check out the trailer!

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