BioWare has just confirmed another expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The creators are working on the development of Legacy of the Sith and with this expansion they want to celebrate the 10th anniversary of production. Find out the details of the upcoming adventure.

BioWare confirmed today that it has no intention of showing the expected games on EA Play Live, but as it turned out – the developers are not idle. Just confirm it For the upcoming 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the creators are working on developing Legacy of the Sith.

The add-on is to usher in a whole new era of the popular MMORPG, Because the developers will provide it A continuation of the dynamic story of Star Wars, players will be sent on a military mission to secure a critical planet for their faction..

During the mission, they will discover the ultimate plan of the Sith renegade Darth Malgus. The expansion will also introduce a new combat system solution that will expand the player’s capabilities and offer many gameplay improvement features.

BioWare intends to continue developing the game in 2022 The authors announced new content, new events, or new updates. The most important is, of course, the legacy of the Sith mentioned above, an addition that will allow players, among other things, to go to the planet Manan – all in pursuit of Darth Malughes. The expansion will increase the maximum level (now the maximum will be level 80), in addition, new cooperative missions will appear in the game.

“The latest expansion will introduce Fighting Styles to the game that will expand your personal Star Wars experience. They will allow players to realize their fantasies of a distant galaxy by allowing independent selection of a single class story, along with the skills of other technologically or power-related classes. Existing, returning, and newcomers can expect to facilitate the creation of new Star Wars heroes through the revamped character creation system. In addition, inventory and equipment updates, as well as a unified hero design, will enrich the Old Republic experience for all players.”

Of course, this is just the beginning of the information, but more details about Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith will be available soon.

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