We’ll be seeing a big Sony announcement in the coming days. The Japanese are rumored to be expanding PlayStation Studios again and this time it’s a “really big acquisition”. This information was confirmed by two journalists.

Earlier this week, Greg Miller reported three big announcements for Sony. The first has already appeared (the PS Plus expansion), and now the journalist has met with Jeff Grob to reveal more details.

The editors heard about two more ads – Sony prepares for the show focused on PS VR2 and “The Acquisition”.

Greg Miller and Jeff Grob say they heard rumors of a ‘really big’ Sony acquisition from various sources.

It’s the rumor that has caused Greg to postpone his performance this week.”

Since the beginning of the week and at the same time was the first information for Miller, there are rumors that Sony will take over the leadership of one of the Japanese teams. Among the reports you can read about Konami, From Software, or even Kojima Productions.

Currently, no one is confirming the details, but there are several indications that we can already expect two more announcements from the Japanese company.