After a bitter defeat at the end of last season, Eskilstuna Smederna is seeking league gold again. This time, Jerker Erickson thinks he will lead them to victory by a duo of talented Britons.

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Daniel Bewley

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Bauhaus-Legan Eskilstuna reached Smiderna last season. There, however, she had to acknowledge the superiority of Dackarna Mallilla (more here). But it turns out that Eskilstuna is dissatisfied and will strive to win the gold medal in the 2022 season.

Two transfers of players from Great Britain will help achieve this goal. First, it came as a surprise to recruit Daniel Pioli, who gave up his participation in the Polish Premier League in favor of Smaderna (more here). Countryman Robert Lambert (more here).

The Swedish team manager – Jerker Eriksson – revealed in an interview with the official portal Bauhas-Ligan that he has high expectations for these two.

Watch the video, it really is a tradition. The president prepares the course before the first training session

– I’m very pleased with our squad. I’m more interested in Daniel Bewley. It has great potential for further development. He is a very good young racing car racer. It will be interesting to work with him and with Robert Lambert. It would be fun to work with two Englishmen, we haven’t had anyone from this nation on the team for that long. Now they can lead us to the top,” Ericsson said.

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In addition to representatives of Great Britain, Smederna will also show Polish dialects. This team’s wide lineup includes Kacper Woryna, Patryk Wojdyło and Grzegorz Zengota. Pontus Aspgren and Michael Jepsen Jensen must also fight for the leaders’ title.

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