Further changes to the 2021 Speedway Grand Prix calendar. Organizers have decided that the tournament will visit Prague twice. The world’s best motorcyclists will compete in the Czech capital on July 16-17. Most likely, we will have a repeat of the 2020 season and all rounds will take place on a two-day system.

The last few days are not optimistic. The coronavirus pandemic is primarily blowing up the Grand Speedway. Due to restrictions in various countries around the world, three tours have been canceled, which were to be held in Terenzano (Italy), Landshut (Germany) and Cardiff (Great Britain). The upcoming tournaments planned for the second part of the season, especially the tournaments overseas, are also under question.

However, the organizers will not give up, and in April they announced that the world’s best motorcyclists will appear in Prague twice, on July 16 and 17. In the capital of the Czech Republic, according to the current calendar, the battle for the title of individual world champion will begin. Confirming the first two tournaments also means giving up on the idea of ​​a one-day final.

There are many indications that we will be seeing a repeat of the entertainment and again, like last year, all of the struggles will be played out in a two-day regimen. Most likely, Toruń, Wrocław and Gorzów will join Prague, which means that the series will take place in exactly the same locations as it was several months ago. According to our information, it is these three Polish cities that are initially interested in collecting the best players in the world.

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The only difference might be the better arrangement of jobs on the calendar. A year ago, many riders complained about horseback riding often, saying there was little time to make the necessary changes. Let us remind you that last season the competition practically ended a month later.

Current calendar of Speedway Grand Prix 2021:

July 16-17: Czech Grand Prix (Prague)

July 31 – Grand Prix of Poland (Wroclaw)

August 7 – Grand Prix in Poland (Warsaw)

August 14 – Swedish Grand Prix (Melilla)

August 28 – Grand Prix Togliatti

September 11 – Danish Grand Prix (Foynes)

October 2 – Grand Prix of Poland (Toru)