Although the SoN final was held in Manchester, few expected the hosts to win. Poland was a candidate for a brick for gold. “White and Red” can be tamed by Danes and Australians. Britain’s chances were further diminished when Tye and Vinden suffered a fatal fall on Saturday. On the second day of the competition, Daniel Bewley took the place of the three-time world champion. He and Robert Lambert, backed by Tom Brennan, scored an impressive victory in the final. Maciej Janowski’s downfall helped with that. It doesn’t matter, though. According to the old principle “winners are not judged”.

Three days later, a friendly match took place between Great Britain and Poland. The meeting with the machine took the form of a rematch of Sunday’s events. During the match broadcast, I was interviewed by Robert Lambert, who could rate one of the most beautiful weekends in British racing history.

The player has not yet reached the scale of success. – Perhaps we and the fans will never forget what happened in Manchester. The gold medal has a special meaning for us. There are many years of hard work behind it. But I still can’t believe it, said Lambert, and in the morning I must press myself to see if this is not a dream.

The British do not intend to fill themselves with victory in the SoN. Lambert feels he has a lot to do. Mainly around the Grand Prix. In 2021, the motorcycle rider made his first appearance on the course as a regular participant. The first season came out strong for him. The 23-year-old has qualified for the semi-finals five times. In the end, it was ranked tenth. The organizers appreciated this result by handing the player a permanent wild card.

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Lambert wants to make the most of the opportunity. – It’s good to finish the year on a great note, because that’s what drives us ahead of next season. Success breeds success. This year I got a lot of positives. I still have a lot of work to keep developing. It is important for me to compete in the Grand Prix. I want to win more golds – said eWinner competitor Apator Toruń.