For the second time, the International Students Folklore Festival is being held in a virtual space. Bands from various countries will be broadcast online through Thursday, incl. Taiwan, Brazil and Chile – University of Silesia, the organizer of the event announced.

“Although we would very much prefer to meet in Chezin to celebrate the folklore festival together, we hope that this form of festival will also provide great experiences,” University of Silesian spokesman Jacek Szymec Kozaczko said on Monday.

In the current version, the shows are broadcast, among others, on the university’s youtube profile: There you can already see performances of the Japanese and Romanians, as well as the Cieszyn District Song and Dance Ensemble. Janina Marcinkowa.

He will be performing Puente Alto Pavobal, Chilean Folk Ballet on Monday evening. Taiwanese dance troupe Feng Hsiang Dance Troupe will perform on Tuesday, as will children’s troupe from Greece and Franca Marolta folk troupe from Slovenia on Wednesday. On Thursday, a performance by the popular Brazilian band “Os Gauchos” will be held.

Shemek Kozaczko added that the festival, organized by the University of Silesia since 1979 and hosted by the student singing and dancing troupe “Katowice”, is an exceptional event well-known in the folklore community. He noted that “this event is co-created by more than 300 people each year: artists from all over the world and organizers, for whom the end of August has always been a long-awaited meeting with music, dance and singing for many years.” .

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The festival is the largest student folklore and cultural event in the region. For years, it has been included in the CIOFF calendar – the International Council of Organizers of Folklore and Traditional Arts Festivals, which operates under the auspices of UNESCO. (PAP)

Author: Marek Szafrański

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