Shot from the Bridgetons series (Photo: Press Materials)

Right after “Bridgerttons” arrived in the Netflix library, there was a surge of interest in antiques. Their prices have gone up. The growing popularity of corsets also contributed to the show’s emergence in Regency times. Netflix is ​​now working with Malone Souliers on a range of shoes and accessories inspired by the series.

In the first half of the nineteenth century, during the Regency period in Great Britain, the lavish dress skirts of the Empire and neoclassical styles concealed real works of art: goatskin boots, satin shoes with sharp toes and low heels. Some of the masterpieces of shoemaking can be seen in the Netflix series “Bridgertons” (in the first 28 days after its premiere, over 82 million viewers worldwide watched the fashion drama). After the hit, the series’ creators are teaming up with Malone Souliers to create a small collection of shoes and accessories inspired by the design of the heroes.

Shot from the Bridgetons series (Photo: Press Materials)

I am a big fan of the show. I immediately decided to cooperate – says founder and creative director of the brand, Mary Alice Malone. – This is a wonderful project that will allow us to relive the splendor of the Regency period. The Bridgerttons’ screenwriters and costume designers never wanted to faithfully reproduce historical reality, so they hope that variations on 19th century shoes will appeal to viewers. – Our approach to fashion reflects a modern perspective says Sandy Bailey, director of design and digital media at Shondaland.

As announced, we can expect shimmering satin, intricate jacquard, shimmering tassels, bows and feathers. The Bridgerton x Malone Souliers collection will hit store shelves in 2022.

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