before he became a politician Volodymyr Zelensky She was the star of Ukrainian TV.

First, he hosted the culinary show “Mr. Cook” at station 1 + 1. However, this broadcast was not appreciated by Ukrainian viewers and soon disappeared from the air. His next bridgehead was Inter, where he hosted his original “Wieczorny Quarter” cabaret programme. The show was watched by millions of Ukrainians, and Zelensky took his breath away. Not only as a celebrity, but also as a screenwriter and TV producer.

The best evidence of the great popularity of the “Evening Quarter” is the fact that in 2006, when the producers of the first version of the Ukrainian version of “Dancing with the Stars” were collecting participants, they named it. On this program, Zelenskiy felt like a fish in water, because for many years he had been passionate about dancing. Żełenski’s partner was the two-time world champion in ballroom dancing, Ołena Szoptenko. The show was so popular among viewers that Ukrainians watched its ending more than the president’s New Year’s speech.

The pinnacle of his TV adventure was the role in the series ‘Servant of the Nation’Which was available in the years 2017-2021 in the US Netflix show. The streaming platform has now decided to bring the comedy series back into view.

However, only US Netflix subscribers will be able to see “Servant of the Nation”.

The series will also soon appear on many televisions around the world. The Associated Press reports that Swedish company Eccho Rights, the international distributor of “Servant of the People,” has had a long line of companies eager to buy the rights after the show aired.

The production has already been purchased by Channel 4 from the UK, as well as broadcasters serving the Middle East, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, France, Estonia, Finland and Georgia. No entity from Poland is mentioned in the letter. However, Poles can watch the series “Servant of the Nation” on the official YouTube channel of the series.

Zelensky played history teacher Vasyl Holoporodka in this production, who unexpectedly won the presidential election. After taking office, he avoids luxuries, preferring to continue living in his modest apartment with his parents and older sister, and commutes to work by bike or public transport.

In the wave of popularity of the series, in 2017, Zelensky’s collaborators recorded a party called Servant of the Nation. And he himself announced on New Year’s Eve in 2018 that he would run for president. Hardly anyone takes these words seriously, it was generally said that they are another element of the promotional campaign for the series. To the great surprise of political scientists and ordinary Ukrainians, Zelensky really entered the race for the presidency.

It was even more surprising that he turned out to be better than both Petro Poroshenko, who fought for re-election, and the heroine of the Orange Revolution, Yulia Tymoshenko. In the second round of elections, which took place on April 21, 2019, the young artist literally overtook the then president. He got 73.2 percent. Vote and become president of Ukraine. A few months later, Zelensky achieved another success – his party won an absolute majority in the parliamentary elections.

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