The supposed UFO is believed to have appeared on top of a mountain in Mexico, where it was photographed through a telescope. The blurry footage was shared on YouTube by IvanHator TV without any basic information about when or where the mysterious object was filmed, other than the title, a UFO landed on Mount Mexico. In the video, two men can be heard speaking Spanish while one of them is pointing his camera through a telescope.

After focusing on the far object, shoot the video on what appears to be a round or conical metal object.

The UFO footage has since been analyzed by Scott C. Warring, a self-proclaimed UFO expert and conspiracy theorist.

Waring runs the UFO Sightings Daily blog where he shares photos, videos and other allegations about space phenomena on Earth.

Although most of his discoveries can be explained or debunked through non-space means, the UFB hunter is convinced that this is the real deal.

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He said, “I have to admit, at first I thought this was fake, but it’s not.”

“As I was following, I realized that the people there were trying seriously to focus the camera on the hillside.

So pausing to take a moment to adjust the lens when looking down, then back to the hilltop UFO.

The conversation is in Spanish, but you can hear the tone serious.

“It’s real. This is pretty amazing and I wish we had more shots.”

“You might wait for the ground to open up and go to an underground base four to six kilometers below the surface.”

However, there is no real evidence to support this claim and the circumstances of the video’s publication raise questions about its authenticity.

The video was shared on YouTube by a channel based in the Philippines, which appears to share random content designed to generate views for the video.

And according to Scott Brando, owner of the famous UFO hoax expose, UFO scenes like these are often falsified in an attempt to generate online revenue.

Mr. Brando runs the website where he explains that UFO scams are exploiting the YouTube Partner Program to monetize videos in exchange for advertising money.

Many of these videos are GCI fraud or misinterpretation of NASA photos and videos from members of the public.

Similar allegations have been made by blogger Constantine who runs the UFO Theater website.

Despite believing that aliens are real and visiting Earth, the blogger said, “UFOlogy is currently mired in capitalist greed.

“While there are millions of online viewers and readers looking for the latest piece of insight and information, a growing army of scammers and opportunists has sprung up to take advantage of this attention.

“What they cannot create on their own is stealing from others, and promoting it by sending spam to social media like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.”