The premiere of the Nintendo Switch OLED took place more than ten days ago, but some Internet developers have begun to intensively test the durability of the new model. Thanks to the latest materials, we know that the screen body is prone to scratches and damage. Users should pay attention to where the device is placed and keep it in a sturdy case.

Nintendo Switch OLED is making a big impression on the next gamers, thanks Picture quality achieved by the new screenIn the meantime, JerryRigEverything’s latest experiment shows that you have to be very careful about the console item being referred to. Nintendo claims that the new screen is made of glass, but the tester reported that it resembled plastic due to its perishability. The impact is likely to be affected by the chips installed on the device, which prevents the glass from scattering after shattering.

According to the opinion of a Youtuber, the protection of the OLED screen of the Nintendo Switch can be rated at only 2/10. The creator runs a series of materials, during which he carefully examines the screens of the smartphone and, thanks to the developed scale, evaluates the quality of the prepared devices. In the case of the latest Big N proposal, we encourage taking advantage of additional security.

“Unfortunately, what we’re seeing here are scratches on the third level and deeper grooves on the fourth, which means this new OLED display has a plastic top layer.”

JerryRigEverything also pointed out that “Soft” OLED screen, Which seems like a reasonable solution because it shouldn’t be damaged by coins, keys or other metal objects that could end up in your console backpack. However, it’s not worth the risk and carry your new Nintendo Switch just in case.

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