Best Acting Performance of the Year in the prestigious IndieWire Annual Ranking, Gotham Award, National Board of Review Award, Golden Globe Award nomination and more than a dozen other awards and nominations. Months to prepare for the role: Science Playing drums and sign language, isolation from loved ones. The result: the role of influential critics and viewers. Riz Ahmed is one of the favorites to win an Oscar.

British-Pakistani actor is 38 years old, has many great roles and a very interesting story. He won a scholarship from the University of Oxford, where he studied politics and philosophy and worked for equality. Before appearing on set, he appeared at Windsor Palace in front of Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Lords, speaking on behalf of immigrants and social equality. He is also a rapper with four albums to his account. The last one for him painting The Long Goodbye is a personal commentary on Brexit, a symbolic goodbye to Great Britain.

His role earned him recognition and appreciation a series Long Night, for which he won an Emmy Award for Best Actor and a Golden Globe nomination. Previously, he played alongside others Jake Gyllenhaal (“Freelancer”), Matt Damon (“Jason Bourne”) or Tom Hardy (“Venom”), as well as in the super-production “Rog One: Star Wars Stories” and a guest in the series Leny Dunham. However, the most significant role in his career so far has been the performance in “Sound of Metal”.

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They just have the music themselves. Robin is a passionate drummer and even a successful singer. When they go on tour and dream about releasing their first album, Robin begins to lose his hearing overnight. In an instant, the life he knew and loved so far is in ruins, and the future becomes very unknown. However, Luo’s girlfriend doesn’t give up and decides to do everything to save Robin and what they have in common so far.