On September 24, Małopolska universities, institutes and companies will present scientific experiments, shows and experiments. During Małopolska’s Night of Scientists, you’ll be able to visit laboratories – both physically and indoors, and listen to science lectures. This year, the WOMAI Center for Education and Senses and the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences joined the group of organizers.

The Night of the Scientists will take place in 433 European cities, including 7 in Malopolska. The PAP website – Science in Poland is the media sponsor of Jubilee, the 15th edition of the popular science holiday. During the Scientists Night in Malopolska, researchers and science enthusiasts will conduct physico-chemical experiments, invite viewers to observations of the stars, travel to the underground, display memories of historical events and interesting facts about health and beauty. For the youngest participants of the event, games, activities, puzzles and city games.

The project adopted a hybrid formula this year. In some places, it will be possible to personally participate in demonstrations and experiments. For fixed meetings

Pre-registration is required in most cases. The rest of the events will be online. The possibility to also present events in an online format makes the 2021 Malopolska Night of the Scholars a nationwide event.

About 40 institutions participate in the preparation of the program of popular science events. This year’s event will be enriched by attractions prepared by the Center for Science and Senses WOMAI and the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Pharmacists will talk about the positive and negative effects of the environment on the brain, introduce different types of toxins, discuss the effect of unhealthy food and stress on the work of the brain. They will reveal the hormones that determine happiness and love.

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The Małopolska Scholars’ Night begins on September 24.

Updated information about the project is available at: www.nocnaukowcow.malopolska.pla and on the event’s Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/malopolskanocnaukowcow

PAP – Science in Poland

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