Revolut and Monzo users have recently become the target of attacks. To do this, cybercriminals send them fake SMS messages containing a link to a fake website.

More and more people are using online banking, appreciating the time savings and convenience that comes with it. Consumers can access their money around the clock from anywhere with an internet connection, and this Hackers never miss it. It is associated with a particularly high risk Access to savings from your smartphoneNot without importance here is the fact that mobile phone users usually get distracted when talking on the phone or receiving emails or text messages. According to security researcher William Thomas, Cybercriminals are currently targeting users of Monzo, Revolut, and multi-currency mobile accountsBy trying to access their credentials.

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How do scammers work?

Users receive a text message, Claimed to be derived from Monzo or RevolutAsk them to click a link to confirm their account, sign in again, or agree to a replacement card. When the addressee “swallows the catch”, he is redirected to a phishing site that, at first glance, does not differ from the real one. The unconscious victim leaves personal data such as password, login, email address, name, nickname, phone number, or card PIN.

It’s not a complicated attack. People who adhere to the basic principles of electronic hygiene should not fall into this trap. Security professionals have long considered being vigilant about any messages that encourage you to act recklessly. You should also not sign in using links in email or text messages. It is also worth checking the information content for spelling errors.

– said Mariusz Politowicz of Marken, Bitdefender Solutions Distributor in Poland

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While Monzo is a service available in the UK, a lot Revolution is getting popular in Poland. Users of the latter can, among other things, use virtual payment cards, deposit products, invest in the American stock exchange and commit to credit. All this is done at the application level.

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Text source: Marken