Game review
June 8, 2021, 4:00 pm

author: Przemysław Zamiki

He plays everything over everything. A fan of antiques and toys in boxes that he collects passionately.

?? With great power comes great responsibility. wrote when?? Stan Lee, put those words into Uncle Ben’s mouth. Today ?? The same can be said for PS5 and the first true next-gen title to be released by the almost trusted Insomniac Games.

The review was based on the PS5 version.

liability. A very important word in our dictionary that means commitment to what? And we do everything in our power not to disappoint those to whom we feel responsible. For example, players who, within six months of the first presentation of the ninth generation consoles, have not yet received any title that is truly worthy of being called the “next generation”. But after the appearance of the latest version of the adventures of Lombaks Ratchet and the Clank bot, the situation will finally change. rift regardless Is it, after all, a new generation game in which technological solutions justify its debut on the PlayStation 5 console?? Without looking at old Sony devices.

return d. nevarius


  1. The most beautiful pictures of the time?? Pixar’s level of animation is no joke.
  2. As always in this series, solid story;
  3. An ingenious arsenal of means of extermination.
  4. Shooting, shooting, shooting again?? honey and the pattern to follow;
  5. Excellent soundtrack
  6. Erotic Polish dubbing.


  1. Besides this?? There are no new ideas for the game;
  2. Bad side questions
  3. Very easy gameplay on normal difficulty level;
  4. Sporadic trowels were used in the review version.
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Those of you who are the first contact with the series Questions and clatter Marking the new version released on PlayStation 4, they might not know it’s nobody else, but Mad doc Nefarious is the biggest enemy of our pair of heroes. Ruthless, sarcastic, comical, ruthless, fulfilling all the conditions of perfect evil in a game whose visual aspect seems to have been designed with ten-year-olds in mind this time around it’s no different. Only that the danger that Nefarious brought to Megalopolis and the surrounding area seems much greater than ever. The Doctor steals the Dimensioner that Clank built and causes a multidimensional scandal.

The device, which was supposed to help Ratchett find other representatives of his species (this is the last Lumbax in this dimension), became the cause of a galactic catastrophe on a gigantic scale that only our heroes could avoid. But are they really just? Won’t players get bored of playing the same pair of heroes? Insomniac Games came up with an idea that is brilliant in its simplicity that, along with showing off the multi-dimensionality of the presented world, served the female counterparts of our favorite heroes. It was a bull’s-eye… and it would have actually been an attraction had it not been for the fact that in the context? From the gameplay, the new characters make absolutely no sense and don’t bring six inch (six inch) fresh air into the series..

Ua-ha lombaksy dwa

The rivet is another Lombard in its dimensions. The female counterpart of the ratchet. A stunt, a long fight with the regime of Emperor Nevarius, a resistance fighter, on the path of who put fate once a clank? Robot from another dimension. It should be noted here that Rivet does not like robots due to trauma and injuries after some clashes with them in the past.

This past gains importance at a later stage in the plot, while from the start, Rivet collaborates with Clank (directly) and with Ratchet who lives in another part of space (indirectly) ?? Together, they try to obtain the parts and plans of a machine with dimensions that will allow the universe to return to normal.

The plot is coherent, logical, brilliantly interrupted by the realized scenes, it jumps between Ratchet and Rivet, allowing you to play a pair of the main characters in turns.