Hellblade developers are working on many productions, but at least for now, Ninja Theory developers are in no rush to introduce games. Today, however, we received very interesting material that Tamim Antoniadis talks about on the project: MARA.

The most anticipated game from Ninja Theory is Hellblade 2But we cannot forget that The developers are also preparing a project: Mara. Today, Tamim Antoniadis decided to speak about the title, but also about the work itself on the Microsoft team.

Production was placed in one place – an apartment. The place is real, and Ninja Theory has taken care to completely move the place to the digital world. In the material you’ll see comparisons between reality and the game and it has to be admitted that it sounds really fun.

Ninja Theory strives for a real experience that doesn’t give you the feeling of playing a game or watching a movie. It should also be emphasized that Project: Mara is really supposed to show how developers will design their games in a new way – the team will now create systems that create specific objects. The creators want to enjoy the settings in the future and offer a completely new quality.

MARA Project - Comparison - Game vs Reality 2

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