In the first quarter of 2020, Prince Harry resigned from the duties imposed on members of the royal family, thus losing his right to police protection in his homeland. However, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II is demanding the restoration of this privilege. On Dzień Dobry TVN, Sandra Hajduk spoke about his lawsuit against Great Britain.

Prince Harry fights for protection in court

When Prince Harry separated from the royal family and began to live on his own, he lost his right to protection in Great Britain. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who lives with her family in the United States on a daily basis, decided to fight to regain the precious privilege. He filed a lawsuit, the verdict of which was to restore his sense of security during his visits to his homeland.

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Prince Harry demands Scotland Yard Security Policewhich is not the usual protection he enjoys in the United States, but the protection that ensures his safety in Great Britain, which has intelligence contact and knows more than average protection – explained Sandra Haydock.

Prince Harry sued Britain

Prince Harry resigned from his royal duties nearly two years ago. Since then, it has private securityfor which he has to pay abroad and in the UK. However, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II believes that during his visits to the UK he also deserves the support that the government guarantees.

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– So that’s Prince Harry Should sue all of Great BritainBecause the issue is about protection that has the characteristics of a state (…). This is the protection that follows from british tax Sandra Haydock summed it up.

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