The Californian brand Singer is known to many car enthusiasts, and in particular to Porsche fans. They build contemporary interpretations of the classic 911.

On the basis of old samples, completely new designs are created using modern technology and powerful engines. More expensive variants can cost more than 10 million PLN.

Porsche 911 Singer

> You have to pay 11 million PLN for this “old” Porsche. Singer DLS makes everyone happy (video)

So far, Singer has tuned Porsche’s engines himself, or outsourced it. The two brands are now working together, and the engines will be manufactured by Porsche Motorsport North America.

Units will not be built to original specifications. Singer will get the motors exactly what he needs. With the indicated characteristics and high strength.

Porsche 911 Singer
Porsche 911 Singer

> The interiors of the new singers are impressive, and the air-cooled engine delivers a whopping 500 HP

The only exception would be modules installed in Singing DLS. Williams Advanced Engineering from Great Britain will continue to handle their production.

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