NLC is a northern region that includes Great Britain and Scandinavia. Last season, their top EU Masters representatives made it to the final twice, so even though the competition isn’t very popular, the top lineups certainly deserve respect.

This season, we’ve had two Poles in the NFL Finals on opposite sides of the barrier. Adrian “Odi11” Kruk is the Bifrost shooter, and Piotr “Devilpiotr” Zaborowski is the analyst at X7 Esports. Both squads have already met in Category One as the top two teams in the regular stage. There the X7 turned out to be a little better, winning 3:2. But the final match was not even close. The Devilpiotra smoothly won 3-0 and won their first ever NLC Championship.

In turn, in the Spanish LVP Final, Fnatic Academy captured the buzz of the BISONS ECLUB qualifiers. The Bisons started the knockout stage in the first round of the bottom bracket. On their way to the final, they defeated the G2 Academy (3:1), Team Ibai and Gerard Pique KOI (3:0) and the Barcelona Esports Division (3:0). But in the final, Fnatic didn’t give them many chances, winning 3-0 and winning the Spanish Championship in their first season in the competition.