Today, diversity has helped many great talents from all over the world work together. In the field of art and cinema, writers, actors, directors and musicians from all over the world have great opportunities to present their work not only in their country, but also at the global level. Camille Estelle, a Polish, is someone whose skills and talent for directing have helped him gain great recognition all over the world.

A full fledged collaboration with Netflix on two major projects. In 2019, he directed the original Netflix, an online show called The Mire. Kamel was also assistant director of The Woods 2020. About his experience working with the digital platform, the director said, “For the first time I had the opportunity to show my directing skills on Netflix in the series The Mire. I learned a lot.”

He said that since he was in college his main concern was directing. Therefore, during this time, several pieces will be on display. The recognition he received for these plays confirmed his conviction that he could be one of the co-creators of the world of cinema and tell stories to people. In 2016, he started his career as an assistant director, then there was no turning back.

Aside from the Netflix originals, Camille is known to run some other great projects. He was the author of movies like Behind the Blue Door also known as Behind the Blue Door (2016), Rudý Kapitán also known as The Red Captain (2016) and Volta (2017). In 2017, he made his directorial debut with Amok.

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Great talents are always appreciated for their creative contribution. The same thing happened with Camille Eltaher. He won the Best Supporting Director award for Star Ezliq. Kamel was also on Inspire’s 50 Best Creative Directors list.