Soon, another entertainment program will be launched on TVN. The jury has just been revealed in the new look the mask singerWhat about the participants? Unfortunately, viewers will find out… at the end of the show! participants the mask singer It will not be exposed and the penalties for leakage are enormous!

Singer’s Mask on TVN

At the end of January, the media received information about the new Mask Singer program, which will be broadcast on TVN. The figure is taken from the outside. The first version of The maskso singer She made her television debut in 2017 in South Korea. Since then, the show has appeared in many other countries around the world, including. in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France, Japan and the United States.

masked singer

What is the program about? It is attended by well-known celebrities to viewers who have to present their vocal talents to the jury. Unlike other celebrity entertainment shows, this time no one knows who the person on stage is. The participant does not reveal his identity because he sings in a sudden disguise. The audience only knows who is behind the mask at the time of the qualifying round, so we only know who will win the ring at the end.

Participants mask singer

It is already known that in singer mask We’ll see for the jury Kuba Wojewódzki, Julia Kamińska, Joanna Trzepiecińska and Kacper Ruciński. Wojewódzki confirmed this information on his Instagram, where he posted a joint photo. In addition, it is also known that the talent of the show will lead Maciej Musiałowski o accompany him Michai Meyer.

However, it is not known who will be participating among the celebrities singer mask And how it is supposed to coordinate who appeared on stage in the program, viewers will find out only when a particular participant leaves the talent show.

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Therefore, according to Bodelik, in order to avoid leaks, the production ordered all those working on the project to sign Confidentiality agreements (so-called non-disclosure agreements) for large amounts. The portal claims that penalties for disclosing program details, especially the names of participants, can be up to 50 thousand zlotys.

This is not surprising, because once the participants of the Mas Singer are revealed, the program will no longer make sense.

Do you think it will be possible to keep the secret?

Source:, Instagram TVN

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