Tomorrow, all interested players will have the opportunity to try Outriders. People Can Fly wants to make sure players are ready for the attractions, so a comprehensive demo is set up. See the materials and discover the details

Outriders will not be shown until AprilBut people can fly very confident. Starting tomorrow, developers will present a comprehensive demo, with players checking the intro to the story. The latest articles present the common part in a very detailed way.

What do we expect? The developers talk about classes, online fun, progression transfer to the full version, Epic Journey, side quests, weapons, powers, or the possibility to create your own character.

In this case, players will not buy a prick pig, because the Poles want to make sure that every robber shooters fan will check the Outriders before the premiere, form an opinion about the center and if they wish – they will arrive at the full version of the game.

This is undoubtedly risky as some potential customers might fall back on Outriders, but mainly … at least the developers will have players on their servers who actually want to play their positions. We revealed more about the show last week.