Marvel Studios aren’t slowing down. The creators extended the “Secret Invasion” cast with two queens – the Queen of Great Britain and the Dragon Queen. Olivia Coleman and Emilia Clarke will appear in the series.

Secret Invasion – Olivia Coleman and Emilia Clarke joined the cast

According to Variety, Marvel Studios added two very loud names to the cast of one of their upcoming series – Olivia Coleman from The Crown and Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones She is to appear in “Secret invasion”, New production on Disney +.

Unfortunately, the roles they played have not yet been revealed Coleman Clark. It’s hard to portray the comic book characters that revolve around – ‘Secret invasion’ It was a mega event. Literally hundreds of the most famous and lesser known heroes have appeared on the pages of Marvel’s notebooks.

For Clark, this would be the second Disney franchise in which she would play one of the main roles – the actress appeared in a somewhat forgotten movie. Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We met a new Marvel star.  You will play the main role in the series "Secret invasion"

The upcoming series will have a really strong cast. It has already been confirmed that we will see Samuel L. Jackson In the role of Nick Fury and Bena Mendelsohna, Who will play Talos again. Earlier it was also reported that Kingsley Ben Adair Z movie “One Night in Miami” He will be one of the main characters of the series.

As mentioned ‘Secret invasion’ It was a huge comics event – Kevin Figi However, he stated in an interview with that we shouldn’t expect this volume for the upcoming show. The head of Marvel Studios revealed that the creators are focusing on making movies It tells an interesting story Nor To stuff the guest appearances of famous heroes:

Well, there were many more characters in the comic “Secret Invasion” than in “Endgame”. Instead, the series will be a platform for Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn’s stunts, as well as an attempt to show an interesting story from the comics. That’s why we focus on plot rather than the power-packed guest appearance of our stars.

‘Secret invasion’ Written and produced by Kyle Bradstreet. This will be another Disney + series – it has already debuted “WandaVision” I am “the hawk and the winter soldier”, While next in line Loki, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel. date of publication ‘Secret invasion’ Not yet known.

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