It seems that Nintendo is satisfied with its subscription services and intends to develop it further – the results lead us to believe in an increasing direction.

Nintendo has proven in the past days yet again that it still enjoys huge – even growing – interest among the gaming community. First, we learned that the company was lagging behind in console production in response to massive demand, and then it only took a few days Sell ​​all N64 consoles (Others will wait until 2022.) What is more, The most important element, and thus the game, is also breaking records.

The company is currently offering us two subscriptions – Nintendo Switch Online Oraz Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The first is standard and has been in use for years, while the second is a novelty that, apart from the norm, offers a lot of interesting extras – of course for a similarly higher fee. The studio guarantees that it intends to further develop the popular services:

Going forward, we will continue to improve and expand both the Nintendo Switch Online and the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, with the goal of providing customer satisfaction.

So far, the procedure is already paying off. In September last year, 26 million users signed up for the NSO service. Twelve months later The number of subscribers has increased to 32 million. So we’re talking about an increase of about 20%. Given the growing interest in the console itself, it’s safe to assume that in 2022 we’ll be talking about even bigger numbers.

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