The remote control pictured in this photo will display a button to launch the Netflix app on April 25, 2019 in Warsaw.

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Check out the companies appearing in the headlines after the bell:

Netflix – The streaming platform’s share of additional trading fell 2% after disappointing third-quarter revenue announcements and subscriber expectations. According to Refinitiv, Netflix earns $2.97 per share, valuing less than $3.16 per share. The sale exceeded expectations. According to the company, net subscribers in the third quarter were 3.5 million, about two million fewer than analysts had expected.

Chipotle – Mexico’s share of the fast food chain grew 4.5% in long-term trade after topping out top and bottom quarterly results. Chipotle reported sales of $7.46 compared to $1.89 billion. According to Refinitiv, analysts expect sales of $6.52 against $1.88 billion.

United Airlines – According to Refinitiv, according to analysts’ estimates, airline shares fell only 0.5% after Bell shares, after posting a loss of $3.91 per share. United Airlines’ revenue of $5.47 billion was higher than expected $5.37 billion. United plans to publish third- and fourth-quarter earnings before taxes.

Interactive Brokers Internet brokers’ shares are down 1% in after-hours trading following the announcement of quarterly results. According to Refinitiv, Interactive Brokers reported earnings per share of 82 cents per share, which is in line with pricing. The private investment firm generated $754 million in sales, which is unmatched by estimation.

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