Loana Lecomte won the first Olympic cross-country mountain bike World Cup competition. The French dominated the elite race in the Albestate for nearly the entire race. Maja Włoszczowska ranked 14th.

The Short Track World Cup was held in Alpstadt on Friday. However, the “real” opening in the cross-suburban Olympics happened today. First ladies who made five tough laps and a starting round to go on the road. Shortly after the start, Loana Lecomte took the only lead. After two rounds, the French got a 46-second lead over compatriot Pauline Ferrand Prevot. Ultimately, Loana Lecomte’s stock soared by one minute. The French actor confidently triumphed, leading the process from start to finish. Ferran Prevot maintained second place with a loss of 53 seconds. Two Americans appeared behind the French at the finish line. Haley Batten is a hit as she stands on the podium. She was a little ahead of her fellow countryman Kate Courtney. The best Polish woman, Maya Voszczowska, started the last season of her career. The Polish woman held her place at the start of the second ten during the race. In the end, she finished 14th, losing to Julanda Neff at the end. Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz ranked 49th, Klaudia Czabok 70, Paula Gorycka 77, Gabriela Wojtyła 80, Aleksandra Podgórska 83 and Barbara Borowiecka 97.


1 – Luana Lecomte (France)
2. Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France) 0:53
3. Haley Patten (United States) 1:15
4. Kate Courtney (United States) 1:20
5. Jana Belomoyina (Ukraine) 1:30

14. Maja Włoszczowska 3:38
49. Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz

70- Claudia Szabock
77. Paula Gorica
80- Gabriella Wojtya
83.Alexandra Podgorska
97. Barbara Borowica

Elite men’s racing was more equal. There were many changes to the lead, with Nino Shorter and Victor Kuritzky decisively attacking on the final lap. After a great competition at the end, the second turned out to be even better. Matthias Vlwekiger was third, 23 seconds behind. Bartomij Wawak finished 31st with a loss of four minutes and 22 seconds. Philip Hilta was 48th, Karol Ustashevsky 103, Krzysztof Shukask did not finish the race, and Jakob Zamroenyak did not start.


1 – Victor Kuritzky (France)
2 – Nino Shorter (Switzerland)
3 – Matthias Floykiger (Swagkaria)
4 – Ondrej Sync (Czech Republic)
5 – Thomas Bedcock (Great Britain)

31- Bartumij Wawak
48. Philip Helta
103- Karol Ustashevsky
DNF Krzysztof Łukasik
DNS Jakub Zamroźniak

The day before, on the same track, there was a competition in the Under-23 category, and Mona Metwollner won between the ladies of the greatest advantage by more than two and a half minutes. Next to the Austrian women on the podium were the Danish Caroline Buhe and the Hungarian Blanca Fez. Better than the Polish women, Matilda schitiska finished the second ten with a loss of nearly eight and a half minutes. Melina Drilac was 61 years old. In the men’s race, the fight for victory was more equal. Canadian Carter Woods was six seconds ahead of David’s German list and 17 seconds ahead of Italian Simone Afondito. Stanislav Nowak was ranked 69th and Konrad Chapuk was 112.