Regina Smolin-Makuch, a teacher at the private school and education center, has become an eTwinning ambassador for Lubuskie. As part of this, SOSW collaborates, among other things, with Katarzyna Kojtych-Dubec. The goal is a modern European education of a high standard

eTwinning to spoCommunity of schools and teachers in Europe. o . programVerge platformę Collaboration of school staff (teachers, principals, librarians, etc.) from one of the European countries who communicate, collaborate, implement projects and participate – in short – feel and feel part of the most exciting educational community in Europe “- we read in the description.

Project Promote the companyWorking with schools in Europe through information and communication technologies, “Providing support, tools and services to schools”.

“We read that ETwinning teachers also have other free opportunities and ongoing professional development carried out online. WithBuyIt was opened in 2005 as the flagship of the European Commission’s e-learning program and has been closely associated with Erasmus+ since 2014.EU support programmeEducation, training, youth and sports initiatives.


Regina Smolin-Makuch is a teacher at the Private School and Educational Center in Novi Sula. In September, she became an eTwinning ambassador for Lubuskie. The ambassadors are eTwin experienced professionals who have collaborated with the National Office of Electronic Balance for years. Enthusiastic teachers. They are looking for new tools and solutions that will make education more attractive.

– Do my turnę play WorksInformation, support for teachers interested in participating in the program, Support promotional and training activitieseTwinning Office in Poland, in particular as a trainer or expert in a specific field at the national, European or Help and guidance for relevant teacherseTwinning Projects – Smolin-Makuch Census.

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He adds:- My goal for the next dayNow is the time to start an eTwinning group at SOSW, supporting teachers from our city and region interested in the program. The Lubuskie eTwinning position in Poland has also been built with another ambassador, Monika Mojsiejonek. Active cooperation with ambassadors at home and abroad.

At SOSW, eTwinning appeared in 2019 while implementing a project in the Erasmus+ program. Regina Smolin-Makuch enrolled the school herself and persuaded her friends.

Today there is a significant legacy: an ambassador in the facility, a group of active eTwinners owners, Implementation of many national projects and miInternational – Five HighlightWith the prestigious national quality mark. Besides, uStudents from nine teamsSOSW has followed the project activities, there have been several dozen teacher training courses, there many Project partners and extended augustInternational cooperation.

– For me, eTwinning is a constant evolution: professional, EnglishLinguistic, social and cultural – smiling Regina Smolin-Makuch. This is another door open to Europe. Wonderful, creative and open-minded teachers who want to collaborate across borders, despite language difficulties, who support and inspire each other. They share what they have achieved. Finally, it’s a place where we – e-stockholders, or “editors” – are changing the face of education as we work in multiple areas: we design, innovate, meet online, and collaborate internationally.

A window on Europe

Katarzyna Kojtych-Dubec from SOSW is also active in the eTwinning programme. – he is A window on Europeę – Tell us. – A starting point from traditional teaching, the possibility of development, and meeting new people. Every project undertaken, or participation in a webinar or conference, is an investment in myself and my students. eTwinning is a huge amount of good practice and sharing of ideas and experiences. A way to teach and work overtime at school. Thanks to that, my students get to know the world of their peers from all over Europe in an engaging way that adapts to their needs. They become more open and courageous.

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