“The Polish woman is beautiful, gorgeous, resourceful, independent and hard-working,” says 49-year-old Melvin, who meets Poles and Poles at work, and his current partner is also Polish. “British women can go to ASDA or Tesco in slippers and pajamas without worrying about how to acquire them. A Polish woman will not go to the store without makeup, washed hair, or a track suit” – she adds. When asked if the Polish woman had any flaws, the man replied: “Polish girls are mysterious to the English and we never know what they really think. Sometimes we also think that they are just rude, and a little unpleasant. They use it a lot. Words

“The English are bored with> Hey, how are you <أو> Are you okay? How are you doing <" - تقول أجاتا ، 38 عامًا ، التي كانت مع البريطانيين لمدة خمس سنوات. "ومع ذلك ، أنا أقدر حقًا ، وبعد سنوات قليلة من طلاقي من بولندي ، كيف يعاملني شريكي البريطاني كشريك. لا توجد> female <و> Male activities <. Paul cleans, cooks, we go shopping together, watch movies, and they make decisions. I feel appreciated, taken care of, and beautiful. I am not a machine designed to clean, cook and worship my lord-husband. In this relationship, not without minor crises, I always feel myself, '' - says the woman.

The British have already formed an opinion on Polish and Polish women. The Poles are about the British as well. We haven’t lived in the UK since yesterday, so all of those who have already “got in” somehow. The beginnings were not easy, because unlike appearances, the cultural differences, the way of upbringing and the way of life were so different from what we instilled in Poland that it took time for us to understand each other.

Why are Polish women so popular with the British?

I didn’t know any Polish woman, because as a sports journalist for a local daily newspaper, I worked primarily in a purely male British environment, and my friends were British. I had a bad opinion of Polish women, because I drew on my knowledge of them rather than the media, and in them, especially before the fight for Brexit, there were a lot of uninteresting articles about Polish immigrants. However, when I traveled professionally to Poland, I visited Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk and saw how beautiful they are there, how gorgeous Poles were, I was ashamed that I know so little about Poles and that the media manipulate me so easily, even though I myself am a journalist – Alex says. , In love with Poland.

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“My colleagues often compare Polish women to Russian or Ukrainian women. I don’t see many similarities. Polish women have a lot of hidden warmth, they are real, and if they get crazy, you really feel it, but if I love you, they show it to you every step of the way. Knowing the family of my girlfriends and her friends who live in Poland, I can say that I have noticed how much Polish men try to dominate women.I don’t quite understand why such beautiful and elegant women, who are well educated often and perfectly cope with life, allow themselves to be in control and not feel that they are Equals to men. Perhaps this is what attracts Polish women to the point that they willingly pair with us. The British respect women in their DNA and equal treatment regardless of their origin and account balance, “- concluded Alex.

Data collected by professor. Piotr Sokalski, a sociologist and demographic scientist from the University of Lodz, explains that British citizens are still the foreigners who are often chosen as partners among all Western nations. Germany is second and Spain is third. Will Brexit change these trends?

Eastern European women, this is … us

The fact that Polish women take much more care of themselves than the average British woman is visible on the streets of British cities and can be a cause for pride. The statement that “every Polish woman in the UK has attachments, eyelashes, extended nails and a carp mouth”, which can be read in the many forums devoted to Poles in the UK, is usually unjustified in reality. “Polish women and men love big-label clothing,” says Kate, who works with a large group of Polish women at a British company.

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“Polish men usually look very similar and you can recognize them from a few meters away from their clothes: Nike or Adidas sweatshirts, sneakers, trainers, and a shaved head. Polish women love Michael Kors and Armani or Balenciaga bags and all of them. They have full makeup, regardless. No matter where they work, “the woman says. However, not everyone sees us that way in the UK. Throughout our long history of immigration, it has been believed that an Eastern European woman is “angry, full of body and makeup,” Poles are men with beer belly and often drunk, but efficient and quick to work. Poland of course is still Eastern Europe, and we won’t become British – even after we’ve lived in the UK for years – but his years in the UK have definitely taught us a lot, just as the British knew about us and many of them changed their minds. We have changed, opinions about us have changed, we are friendships, we marry Britons, our children are born here. We might love the designer clothes, but let the Brit who dislikes them throw the stone first …

Grażyna and Janusz versus Gammon and Karen

If in Poland “Grażyna and Janusz” is synonymous with bad taste, demanding attitude and not thinking more deeply about life, then in Great Britain they are “Gammon and Karen”. The jamon is a hind leg of pork after pickling by dry salting or brine, which may or may not be smoked. Like bacon, it must be cooked before it can be eaten; In this sense, pork can be compared to fresh pork and differs from dried pork as prosciutto (source: Wikipedia).

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You can easily spot Gammon in the crowd, he usually shopping in flip-flops and white elongated socks, he’s squat, he doesn’t like oral hygiene or general hygiene. The cheapest beer or “ales” is his best friend, he spends hours unemployed watching Coronation Street, the other half – Karen, in a constantly crumpled track suit and barefoot soles – any time of the year – warming his feet in the microwave “macaroni with cheese” From the Tesco promotion.

There are countless such pairs in Great Britain. We will meet similar couples in Poland, but the list will be a little different. We will meet such Poles in Great Britain. This does not mean that you should care about their opinions, because he will not be pleasant about everything and everyone who will not be intellectually accessible and understood. You should not be surprised by the fact that Polish women are still willing to bond with British and British people who fall in love with Polish women.

The average Polish woman is far from the British Karen, and the average Briton is a far cry from … Jamun. Therefore, trying to find an answer to the question posed in the title, one cannot help but say that Polish women are eager to communicate with the British, because they feel valued and dealt with their partners in their relationships, and have no secondary role in them. On the other hand, the English appreciate the beauty, warmth and resourcefulness of the Polish woman, but when choosing a life mate, they are often guided by the merits of her personality and intelligence.

Author: Ilona Korzeniowska

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