Meeting of the Council for Social Dialogue with the participation of Deputy Minister Darius Piontkovsky


On Wednesday, March 30th this year. MEiN Foreign Minister Dariusz Piontkowski participated in the meeting of the Council for Social Dialogue. The topic of the meeting was, inter alia, the challenges faced by the education system regarding the situation in Ukraine and the question of teacher salaries.

The MEiN Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke about the solutions prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science, which facilitate the admission of students from Ukraine to schools: – We made it possible to create preparatory departments, create additional sites outside schools, as well as the possibility of communication between local governments to solve these problems together.

Deputy Minister Dariush Piontkovsky also referred to the issue of Ukrainian students taking the 8th grade exam and admission: – If the student decides that he is linguistically and substantively ready to take the exam, we will enable him to submit a declaration. At the same time, he indicated that this was an option, not an obligation.

During the meeting of the Social Dialogue Council, the salaries of teachers were discussed. Deputy Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky reported that a bill was being processed in Parliament, which would allow for a 4.4% increase in teachers’ salaries, similar to the entire budget area. At the same time, he stressed the need to reconsider discussions on the status of teachers and wages.

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