During several very tense and difficult days in January, asteroid 2022 AE1 became one of the most tracked objects in space. The 70-meter asteroid immediately topped the list of the most dangerous asteroids heading towards Earth. Moreover, scientists have shown that its impact on our planet will occur on July 4, 2023. Humanity did not have time to try to change its course, and a mere blow would cause real damage to the area..



Marco Micheli, an astronomer at NEOCC ESA, commented on this issue:

The Palermo Scale is used to classify and quantify the hazards of a near-Earth collision (NEO) by combining the likely collision history, the energy it will produce and the probability of the impact. Palermo Scale values ​​less than -2 reflect events with no potential consequences; Those from -2 to 0 indicate situations that deserve close observation, and positive values ​​generally indicate situations that deserve some amount of attention.

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On each cycle, NEOCC Systems calculated the orbit for 2022 AE1, based on observations and comparative data from NASA. At one point, the moon became the problem, and on January 12-19, 2022, it completely overshadowed AE1. Once our natural satellite got dark enough again, asteroid observations resumed. Then it was finally possible to make sure that the flight path of the asteroid does not intersect with the position of the Earth. Moreover, we also know that it will fly across our planet at a relatively large distance, up to about 10 million km – more than 20 times the distance of the Moon.

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