The medicine salon in the Copernicus Atrium will be expanded and arranged according to the latest trends, acquiring a modern appearance and a clear functional space.

  • The medicine-brand store located in the Copernicus Atrium is undergoing a transformation.
  • The renovated medicine store will be one of the brand’s main locations in Poland.
  • Approximately 650 m² of space, attractive space, updated design and functionality, modernity and elegant arrangement – all this adds to the new face of the brand.
  • The store is scheduled to open in the spring.

Medicine is a brand that features an interesting and unique design and funky patterns. The only store of this brand in Toruń, located in the Atrium Copernicus, is also one of the residents’ favorite shopping places.

The spacious, renovated lounge will be available to customers again in a few weeks. Approximately 650 m² area, attractive space, updated design, functionality, modernity, elegant arrangement – all this adds to the new face of the medicine brand, which will favorably surprise all customers. In addition, the store will have a wider range than before. In addition to the permanent line of basic clothing, the show will include all new collections, as well as stylish accessories and accessories for women and men.

Renovation work in the building is in progress. We are working on the functional design of the surface and making its appearance more attractive. After the transformation, we want the store to be one of the best places for our brand in Poland, with an interesting interior. A friendly atmosphere and comfort while shopping is our priority, so we do everything we can to make sure that the new building meets the highest standards, its modern appearance and interesting presentation attract the attention of customers who will be happy to visit our showroom – says Michel GrzybeckBuilding Coordinator from BRANDBQ Sp. Zoo

Medicine focuses on the creative approach to fashion. It is a Polish fashion brand that was founded in 2013 and replaced its predecessor – the Reporter brand. The company offers original, electric and plaid clothing, designed in collaboration with young artists who create unique and limited edition collections.

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