Liverpool scored four goals against Leeds and could have got more but the three fronts don’t seem right for me.

Mo Salah Hattrick’s loud bang sounded Sadio Mane He played well and had no luck not scoring.

Bobby Firmino It looks like he still has shackles around him a little bit.

He did midfield and showed some nice touches but, again, in the box at Anfield, this wasn’t happening to him.

He missed a good chance in the second half after a big bond with his partners in attack and it is clear that we all remember how it took until the last game at home last season to score a league goal at Anfield.

I don’t know if this is still playing on his mind because he didn’t look himself in the box.

There was a lot more to be said about him LiverpoolHis position is on the transfer market this summer, but I can’t help but feel it might be good for Bobby if he had someone breathe by his neck to get his place, so he knows he has to score goals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of him and he’s doing some cool things in the top three which often go unnoticed, but if you’re number nine, you have to score goals.

That’s the point and he knows it. He hasn’t done that at Anfield in the past year or so and needs to change.

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I understand the club’s overall position on transfers this summer, but it’s kind of a two-point gamble because we’ve been relatively lucky with injuries in the past two seasons, but you can’t always count on that.

The transfers themselves are also a gamble for Liverpool because it’s hard to improve what we have and also to convince players to sign who know they probably won’t be the first choice. But I still think we can do with another scorer.

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In a perfect world, fans would love to see us get a Timo Werner or someone like that but that just wasn’t possible.

Activating the team, even if it’s only one player, keeps everyone on their toes and increases competition for places.

Easier said than done, of course! It’s tough for the coach and those who work with him on transfers in the current climate and it shouldn’t be forgotten that Liverpool have had massive success in recent years with relatively little outlay when you take into account the players who have been sold.

So many teams have outdone us over the past four years, even the likes of Everton, and it’s a wonderful testament to everyone involved in Liverpool that we can still go from strength to strength.

If people can’t see that, they’re silly. Liverpool have found an approach that suits them and they have a belief in the way the club should be managed which is something that deserves respect because they see how successful it is.

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We did it the right way, but with the transfer window still opening for a few more weeks, it would be a good idea to give the coach a bit of spending because the ‘Liverpool Way’ has always been boosted when they’re on top if you can.