Yesterday, Marvel released a mysterious teaser for a new production, and now we can confirm that Marvel Snap is coming. It will be a collectible card game developed in the free 2-play business model. The title will appear for the first time on mobile devices and PC.

feet marvel Marvel Snap as A revolutionary game that unleashes the entire Marvel multiverse in a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled card game. Players will have the opportunity to create a favorite team and in the formation superheroes and villains will appear.

Nuverse and Second Dinner are responsible for the project and the developers have focused on very fast matches – the match will last about 3 minutes, so we will be able to play several intense matches in an hour. Teams have a great background in the genre as Marvel Snap is being developed by former Blizzard Hearthstone developers.

Featuring more than 150 iconic Marvel characters, Marvel Snap combines stunning artwork from Marvel’s rich 80-year history with all-new original artwork to deliver hundreds of collectible artworks in an intense, fast-paced CCG (PVP) game… offering Marvel Snap is a new way to compete for the higher ranks, allowing “Snap” players to raise the stakes and double their power, the press release states.

Marvel has confirmed that in production from the premiere, we will find more than 150 unique cards, plus each of them will contain “many variants”. Each Marvel Snap match will feature three of over 50 random Marvel locations that will provide different effects.

Marvel Snap is expected to debut in 2022 and you can currently sign up for the closed quizzes (here), which will take place on Android devices.

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