Renovation of the cellars of the former monastery in the Mujahideen. The cost of Peowiaków, where the cultural center is located today, is more than 3 million PLN.

Almost a thousand square meters. A professional space will be created for Lublin artists. It will be a place designed primarily for young Lublin residents who need such spaces so that they can express themselves artistically.

Creating a new space for culture. Properly configured and fully equipped. Due to the fact that Lublin has become the European Capital of Youth 2023, we want to dedicate this place to young people in the first year. Give them complete freedom to manage, operate and invent new activities – says Director Koziński – of course, we will take care of this, as well as provide them with full organizational and promotional support. But we don’t want to impose anything. Perhaps thanks to this, a young generation will grow up, which will make the city of Lublin flourish.

The vaults of the cultural center could potentially remain in the hands of young people, or even forever. It all depends on their commitment and willingness to work.

– If the cooperation with young people goes well for a year and we see that it is fruitful, it is possible to expand this cooperation. We want them to have a real place to create. The future is theirs, so we want to give them this space, support them in their activities, says the head of the Culture Center.

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On the lower floor there will be, among others, a modern concert hall, multimedia studios, sound studios and art studios. The corridors will be developed as an exhibition space. There will also be a coffee shop in the renovated basement.

The Cultural Center would like to invite young people who do not have a place to express their expression to cooperate.

We are gradually preparing for the open recruitment and interview series. We want everyone interested in collaborating to be able to come to us and share their thoughts. We expect that thanks to this we will find young leaders who have attracted more – says Rafael Kosinski.