Posted date: October 31, 2020

Lewis Hamilton He says he is “amazed” that Formula 1 is pressing ahead with its plans to introduce drivers’ maximum salaries from 2023.

Earlier this week it was reported that the team leaders had them It agreed to a maximum salary of 22 million pounds.

More details are now provided with reports that £ 22m is not a single driver, but the two salaries combined.

That’s far from the £ 35million season that Hamilton earns alone with teammate Valtteri Bottas who costs Mercedes just under £ 7m a year.

Hamilton says he is “surprised” that Formula 1 is going down this road, but insists that talking about a salary cap is not the reason why he has not signed a new deal with Mercedes.

“He has nothing to do with that,” said the six-time Formula One world champion. “I didn’t even know that was discussed.

“I think from the driver’s point of view it’s a surprise.

“Obviously, we heard about the idea some time ago. I think it was maybe last year in France, but it was the first that we heard about it this week.”

The 35-year-old hopes the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association will meet with Formula 1 presidents to discuss the matter before it is thrown in stone.

He added, “I think it’s important for GPDA to work closely with Formula 1 when we get into discussions moving forward.”

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Wolf who has it After sitting down with Hamilton To settle details of the new Mercedes contract, he admits that talking about the salary cap is “a very emotional thing”.

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Mercedes’ head of motorsports says Formula 1 has to balance making the sport viable for teams while still attracting the best drivers in the world.

He said, “The discussion about this is a very emotional thing.”

“Formula One teams need to demonstrate profitability like any other company in existence.

“We all need to make it happen, but the drivers – and drivers in Formula 1 are the best in the world – should be paid as high as all other sports stars.”

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