On the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the national armed forces, a historical vehicle tour and picnic were organized that brought together many people of a large age group. The attractive mass offered by the organizers allowed both old and young participants to have a good time.

This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of a party organization fighting against the Soviets and Germany – the National Armed Forces. in this occasion National Soldiers Union of the Armed Forces, Szczecin District rearranged Szczecin collecting old military vehiclesWhich ended with a walk in Polana Miodowa in Szczecin.

The rally and picnic were attended by several hundred veterans of the underground independence movement: the captain. Bronisława Pakuła “Zawisza”, Major Zbigniew Piasecki “Chocolate” and Lt. Col. Stanisława Kociełowicz “Iskierka”. There were plenty of attractions waiting for kids and adults at the clearing!

Great interest in the picnic

Interest in the picnic exceeded all expectations of the organizers. At the campfire, you can talk with veterans of the underground independence movement, who would like to share their memories with the participants.

I saw a poster telling about a picnic near Lake Głębokie and decided to go and see what’s going on here. It was a wonderful and surprising experience for me to talk to the heroes who fought for a free Poland – Said one of the participants.

There were also attractions for children and adults at the picnic. Prize competitions, obstacle course, small arms demonstrations, the “Rosumak” armored military vehicle and historical vehicles provided to the visitors are just some of the attractions planned by the organizers.

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During the outing, the members of the clearing rode on horses The Knights Club of them. 12th Podolian Lancers Regiment, Which aroused great interest among the attendees. The attention of the older group of participants was drawn to the unique and original map of Europe from the 1930s, which showed in detail the military resources of that time at the disposal of individual states.

The youngest of them were impressed by the obstacle course they overcame under the supervision and “military maneuvers” of the members. Historical Reconstruction Association “Monte Cassino”. After completing the track the kids were tired and dirty but happy.