Students at Secondary School No. 1 in Głogów are organizing another campaign: this time under the name “Don’t Forget”. The Olympic Games are held under the motto “Exempt from theory”. It’s like this nationwide Olympics. The idea is to show your younger classmates in elementary school and your classmates from other high schools that learning doesn’t have to be boring. can be effective.

Michal Pobrawski, head of the school board, says Weronika Białowąs, Nadia Korzeń and Dominika Świętek were involved in the project. Today (16/03) high school students in elementary school No. 14 – we can say that we have already gone to most of the elementary schools in our city – says Nadia Korzi from the second grade of secondary school No. 1. – The children react positively. Many people have heard something about these methods, but as it turns out, they do not know much about them. Let’s learn skillfully. He adds that learning is not boring. Why do they do this? – We have noticed that despite the extensive material we have to deal with in school, no one tells us how we should do it. Often, students and even teachers have no idea about effective learning methods, which means that they lose their valuable time and do not see the effects of their work – and this, as we know, is the best motivation for action – explains Michał Poprawski.