Jimmy Carragher said Eden Hazard is a better comparison to Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish than England legend Paul Gascoigne. Monday Night Football.

The Villa winger, who made his way to the England national team during the recent international hiatus, scored five goals and scored five – including one in Monday night’s defeat to West Ham – in just nine matches for his club in the Premier League this season. , After playing a major role in the survival of the Premier League on the final day of last season.

Grealish said he “enjoyed” likening him to Gascoigne when questioned after his last appearance for England on that break, but Sky Sports Critic Carragher believes there is a more subtle comparison to be drawn.

Eden Hazard scored 110 goals in 352 appearances for Chelsea over seven seasons in West London

He said, “I’m a big Greelish fan.” “Graeme Souness criticized him last season for making a lot of touches for a midfielder, but I don’t see that; he’s not a traditional midfielder. That’s why when I see or hear links with Paul Gascoigne, I don’t see it either – he’s not playing in that position.”

“Another player that I want to compare him to, because of the position he’s in, is Eden Hazard. On the left side of the front here, he has a similar kind of build, strong legs and two backs as well.

“How many times have we seen Eden Hazard launch so fast? Probably a little faster than we give him credit for. He’s different in this position, it’s not Stirling, Manny, Salah who’s going to be hacking all the time in the back, he’s going to stand on his feet in a lot of Sometimes … when he’s running on people, he’s around the edge of the box. “

Jack Grealish's recent performances for England have been compared to Paul Gascoigne's performance


Aston Villa and England striker Jack Grealish said he is happy to compare him with Paul Gascoigne, but insists he has yet to prove himself on the bigger stage.

Hazard scored 110 goals in 352 games with Chelsea over the course of seven seasons, as his level in the last season in particular led to his move in the summer of 2019 to join Real Madrid, as injuries hampered his hopes of replicating his form in the Spanish League.

Meanwhile, Grealish starred for his childhood club, was a target for Manchester United in the summer and made his international arc this season.

“We know it’s a small sample size where Grealish compares his numbers to those of Hazard,” said Carragher. “If he hits it at the end of the season, we can really get close to him with Hazard.”

Grealish Hazard

“Let’s not forget, this was a great season from Hazard. We say about Hazzard sometimes great seasons, and sometimes he goes down, his last season was great.

“He’s actually producing higher numbers than him at the moment. It’s only a quarter of the way, but I think that’s a better comparison instead of Gascoigne, because of the position he’s playing.”